Patten Family Companies

Mission | Vision


The mission of Patten Family Companies is to continue the work tracing back through four generations of buying and selling unique land bargains to individuals. To succeed at this mission we have expanded our services to include the wholesale acquisition and disposition of assets.

Since the Patten Family Companies have been formally organized, we have been described as a land company, a marketing company, and a specialty retailer. While each of these descriptions are accurate, at all levels and in every function, Patten Family Companies is a service company. Our commitment to customer service is the firm bedrock upon which this enterprise was built and has continued to grow.


The vision of Patten Family Companies is to help people achieve ownership in some of America’s most extraordinary real estate. Our customers’ needs are the focal point of each project we develop and every decision we make. Everything that we do will exceed the customer’s expectation for quality, value and service.

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